Response to mccloskey article on being an atheist

This article, titled, on being an athiest, was written by h j mccloskey in 1968 for the journal question one mccloskey is an australian i need detailed responses to each of the points he raises specifically, addressing the following: the place that proofs play in coming to believe in god. The paper written by mccloskey is nothing more than an atheists attempt to justify his atheistic ideas and at no time should ever be taken by any other person as anything more than one man's opinions which are based completely upon speculative ideas we will write a custom essay sample on. Hj mccloskey, in his article, on being an atheist, presents a series of arguments in an effort to justify his atheism consequently atheism turns out to be too simple 14 while this is one of the most common objections to the existence of god, though it certainly seems logical on the surface, it. Response paper instructions having completed the unit of philosophy of religion, you are now ready to respond to an article written by an actual atheist this article titled on being an atheist, was written by h j mccloskey in 1968 for the journal question mccloskey is an australian. The story on being an atheist says that the three proofs that theist use are cosmological, teleological and design argument these proofs help us distinguish the beliefs that our great god is omnipotence, omniscient, and perfect and are the exact things that mccloskey argues about proofs.

Atheism is a belief that has entered the mind of man prior to the advent of scientific revolution this ideology is not an original one and has its roots even during the time of the kings and prophets in the old we will write a custom essay sample on mccloskey in his article claims specifically for you. Mccloskey, in his article on being an atheist presents a very strong counter argument against theist arguments about existence of a supreme perfect being referred to as god according to him, theists hold on to arguments about existence of god as the fundamental proofs of his existence. Mr mccloskey stated in his article that to get the proof going, genuine, indisputable examples of design or purpose are needed for the atheist to claim that our argument on god's existence does not prove that it is possible that god exists brings up the question that then the atheist must claim. Mccloskey, an outspoken atheist, wrote an article titled on being an atheist in which he examined and tried to disprove three arguments that he believed convinced many theists of god's existence these three arguments are referred to as a cosmological proof, a teleological proof, and an argument.

Mccloskey's stand as an atheist could be considered controversial especially with this article - response paper on hj mccloskey's on being one would need to be open-minded while reading his article as not only he tried refuting the arguments on god's existence but also gave his opinion. In the article on being an atheist, h j mccloskey tries to show that believing in god is unreasonable mccloskey first tries to point out flaws in theism by trying to disprove the cosmological and the teleological arguments after trying to show the flaws in the two argument he brings up the. The writer of the article, on being atheist, opens with a reminder to fellow atheists of the reasons theists believe in god his says that the reasons mccloskey turns his attention to the cosmological argument to which he strongly have objections about many theists attempt to conclude the existence.

A response to hj mccloskey's on being an atheist by charlestinsley the question of god's existence has been debated throughout the in light of these, hj mccloskey wrote an article entitled on being an atheist in which he says these arguments are false and argues that without. Mccloskey in his article, on being an atheist claims that proofs or arguments which theists provide to support their belief have no weight he speaks of this primarily in relation to the ontological argument, the argument which attempts to show that the very concept of god implies his reality. On being a theist in 1968, h j mccloskey wrote an article titled on being an atheist which gives his personal reasons for rejecting the belief in god the following is a paper i wrote for my philosophy class at liberty university in response to a popular article written by an atheist.

In his article on being an atheist, australian philosopher, hj mccloskey, who wrote coherence is important in the life of a theist because their beliefs cohere together to form knowledge of belief in god if a proposition is true because it coheres with another true proposition, this forms a basis for truth. Response paper to mccloskey article on being an atheist hj mccloskey, claims that proofs offered by theists for the existence of god simply do not provide evidence that there is one omnipotent, omniscient being his arguments about proofs question why people are theists. In the article entitled on being an atheist, hj mccloskey attempts to refute the notion of the existence of god in reasonable faith: christian truth and apologetics, william lane craig gives an appropriate response when he says, man cannot live consistently and happily as though life were. Is a response to hj mccloskey's article, on being an atheist while i believe that mr mccloskey put a lot of thought into this article i think he made some assumptions about all theists that are not necessarily correct throughout his argument it seems that he focuses primarily on the. Response paper mccloskey article clark hernanser phil 201 february 24, 2013 ramon graces response paper mccloskey article in his article, on being an atheist, hj mccloskey tried to show that atheism is a more reasonable and comfortable belief than that of christianity.

Response to mccloskey article on being an atheist

The response of the theist is that evolution may be likely or perhaps necessary, however, the process of evolution, the mechanical process by which a j mccloskey's article on being an atheist is an easily refuted article while one may respect mccloskey's attempt at negating the presence of god. 8 response paper mccloskey article 8 referencesh j mccloskey, on being an atheist, from question 1, february 1968, pp 51-54arthur f holmes, ethics: approaching moral decisions second edition, downers grove, il, intervarsity press, 2007c. In the hj mccloskey article entitled, on being an atheist he begins with assertions that are absent of logic, common sense, and reasoning he reaches all these conclusions without even a respectful cursory reading of god's word, much less study i will attempt to show where his arguments do not.

  • This paper seeks to clarify whether the claims and proofs presented by mccloskey's article on being an atheist provide sufficient ammunition to dissuade writing this essay was a good exercise as it provided an opportunity, with some guidance to formulate a philosophically based response to issues.
  • The conclusion mccloskey comes to is that atheism is comforting[25], more so than christianity in reasonable faith , william lane craig argues: if life ends at the grave, then it makes no difference whether one has lived as a [1] mccloskey, hj on being an atheist question 1 february 1968.

In his article on being an atheist, hj mccloskey attempts to make an argument for the non-existence of god and to give reasons why atheism is more comforting than theism this paper is a response to that article which will address certain ideas raised by mr mccloskey. In his article, on being an atheist, h j mccloskey attempts to dissolve the existence of god and theism as a whole mccloskey argues against the cosmological argument, the teleological argument, and blankets them with the problem of the existence of evil his arguments fall short of being. Contained herein is an analysis of h j mccloskey's on being an atheist article that provides teleological and cosmological arguments on this claim is among the few ones that mccloskey comes close to agreeing with theists, especially considering that most people believe in god because.

response to mccloskey article on being an atheist In his article, on being an atheist mccloskey provides several arguments that seek to justify the non-existence of god, atheism this he does using several claims made by theists on a general level as well as focusing more on the christian god the claims are divided into several sections upon.
Response to mccloskey article on being an atheist
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